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Leake Academy senior Miriam Prince. 

Here are the MAIS girls basketball All-State teams for the 2022-23 season. These teams are released by the MAIS and selected by their basketball committee along with coaches from teams who made the final 8 of their class tournament. 



Player of the Year: Riley Hancock, MRA

Coach of the Year: Stephen Force, MRA

Ella Wesley Davis, MRA

Meyah Doyle, PCS

Nyla Wooten, Hartfield Academy

Cameron Humphries, MRA

Liberty Gillihan, Parklane Academy

Addyson Sherer, PCS

Ma'Nia Womack, Hartfield Academy



Player of the Year: Lillie Gates, Brookhaven Academy

Coach of the Year: Ron Kessler, Brookhaven Academy

Charley Grace Davis, Copiah Academy

Miriam Prince, Leake Academy

Avery Howard, Pillow Academy

Olivia Banes, Simpson Academy

Reagan Fortenberry, Brookhaven Academy

Emeri Warren, Leake Academy

Payton Purvis, Simpson Academy



Player of the Year: Mauryah Jones, Rossville Christian (Tenn.)

Coach of the Year: Kendrick Watkins, Rossville Christian (Tenn.)

Bella Roberts, Winona Christian

Mollie Lane, Kirk Academy

Shamira Morton, Clinton Christian

Blair Walsh, Amite School

Rachel Griffin, Rossville Christian (Tenn.)

Olivia Brooks, Winona Christian

Amiyah Taylor, Clinton Christian



Player of the Year: Anslee Barnes, DeSoto (Ark.)

Coach of the Year: John Stoke, DeSoto (Ark.)

Lilly Hollingsworth, Newton Co. Academy

Kayla Warren, Marvell (Ark.)

Brittany Stallion, Greenville Christian

Carsyn Gore, DeSoto (Ark.)

Tiara Sims, Porter's Chapel

Baty Jones, Lee (Ark.)

McKenzie Bryant, Wilkinson Christian



Player of the Year: Faith Yeates, Columbus Christian

Coach of the Year: Billy Thomas, Columbus Christian

Miracle Joiner, Regents School of Oxford

Olivia Jones, West Memphis (Ark.)

Madyson Parsons, Delta Academy

Satavia Watkins, Columbus Christian

Carrie Kinard, Columbus Christian

Ally Kay Scipper, Delta Academy

Lula Tranfagila, West Memphis (Ark.)