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Here is the master football schedule for the Mississippi Association of Community Colleges Conference. The toughest league in America.

 Coach: Travis Macon
S. 2Hinds
S. 9Pearl River
S. 16at Itawamba
S. 23Mississippi Delta
S. 30at Holmes
O. 7Northwest
O. 14at East Mississippi
O. 21Northeast
O. 28at East Central
 Coach: Buddy Stephens
S. 2East Central
S. 9at Southwest
S. 16at Mississippi Delta
S. 23Holmes
S. 30at Northwest
O. 9Northeast
O. 14Coahoma
O. 21at Copiah-Lincoln
O. 28at Itawamba
 Coach: Raymond Gross
S. 2Mississippi Gulf Coast
S. 9at Hinds
S. 16Northwest
S. 23at East Mississippi
S. 30Coahoma
O. 7at Pearl River
O. 14at Itawamba
O. 21Mississippi Delta
O. 28at Northeast
 Coach: Sean Cannon
S. 2at Southwest
S. 9Copiah-Lincoln
S. 16Coahoma
S. 23Jones
S. 30at Northeast
O. 7at Mississippi Delta
O. 14Holmes
O. 21at Northwest
O. 28East Mississippi
 Coach: Cedric Thomas
S. 2at Pearl River
S. 9East Central
S. 16East Mississippi
S. 23at Coahoma
S. 30Southwest
O. 7Itawamba
O. 14at Northeast
O. 21at Holmes
O. 28Northwest
 Coach: Greg Davis
S. 2at Jones
S. 9Mississippi Gulf Coast
S. 16Hinds
S. 23at Northwest
S. 30Itawamba
O. 9at East Mississippi
O. 14Mississippi Delta
O. 21at Coahoma
O. 28Holmes
 Coach: Benjy Parker
S. 2Copiah-Lincoln
S. 9at Jones
S. 16at Holmes
S. 23Northeast
S. 30East Mississippi
O. 7at Coahoma
O. 14at Mississippi Gulf Coast
O. 21Itawamba
O. 28at Mississippi Delta
 Coach: Glenn Davis
S. 2at Northwest
S. 9at Itawamba
S. 16Southwest
S. 23at Pearl River
S. 30Mississippi Gulf Coast
O. 7at Hinds
O. 14at East Central
O. 21East Mississippi
O. 28Jones
 Coach: Ken Karcher
S. 2at East Mississippi
S. 9at Mississippi Delta
S. 16Jones
S. 23at Southwest
S. 30Pearl River
O. 7at Mississippi Gulf Coast
O. 14Copiah-Lincoln
O. 21at Hinds
O. 28Coahoma
 Coach: Larry Williams
S. 2at Coahoma
S. 9Holmes
S. 16at Northeast
S. 23Mississippi Gulf Coast
S. 30at Jones
O. 7Copiah-Lincoln
O. 14at Southwest
O. 21East Central
O. 28at Pearl River
 Coach: Steve Buckley
S. 2Northeast
S. 9Northwest
S. 16at East Central
S. 23at Itawamba
S. 30Hinds
O. 9Southwest
O. 14at Pearl River
O. 21Mississippi Gulf Coast
O. 28at Copiah-Lincoln
 Coach: Jack Wright
S. 2at Holmes
S. 9at Northeast
S. 16Pearl River
S. 23at Hinds
S. 30at Copiah-Lincoln
O. 7East Central
O. 14Northwest
O. 21at Jones
O. 30Southwest
 Coach: Seth Smith
S. 2Mississippi Delta
S. 9at Coahoma
S. 16at Mississippi Gulf Coast
S. 23Copiah-Lincoln
S. 30at East Central
O. 7Holmes
O. 14Jones
O. 21at Southwest
O. 28Hinds
 Coach: Cliff Collins
S. 2Itawamba
S. 9East Mississippi
S. 16at Copiah-Lincoln
S. 23East Central
S. 30at Mississippi Delta
O. 9at Jones
O. 14Hinds
O. 21Pearl River
O. 30at Mississippi Gulf Coast